Complete Care Family Medicine of Merritt Island Welcomes New Patients

Welcome to our Family!

Serving the greater Merritt Island area, Dr. Lena Johnson is a compassionate primary care physician seeing patients from age 5 through their golden years.

Conveniently located near the Beach Line  on N. Courtney Parkway, Complete Care Family Medicine accepts most insurance, self-pay patients and welcome walk-ins. With on-site imaging and labs, we are able to offer timely results and short wait times.

Services include both Primary and Urgent Care.

Visit us for all your routine health care needs such as:
• Acne, Rashes, Mole Removal and Skin Conditions
• Asthma and COPD
• Diabetes
• Drug and Alcohol Testing
• Flu Shots (Seasonal)
• Full Physicals including Pap Smear
• Hypertension
• Metabolic Syndrome
• Gastritis and Stomach Ulcers
• Thyroid Disorders
• Urinary Tract Infection
• Wart Removal
• Wound Care
• Occupation Health Service, Pre-Employment Physicals and Workman’s Comp
• Testing of Influenza, Strep, Mono, Glucose, Pregnancy, Oxygen Saturation, Urinalysis and more

As well as for those urgent care needs that happen unexpectedly:
• Bites and Stings, Poison Ivy and other Skin Irritations
• Simple Fractures and Dislocations• Foreign Body Ingestion/Removal
• Injury Assessment
• Minor Wound Care including Burns, Cuts or Scrapes
• Splinter Removals
• Sprains and Strains
• Abscess Incision and Drainage
• Colds, Flu and Bronchitis
• Diarrhea
• Earaches and Ear Wax Removal
• Headaches and Migraines
• Nausea and Vomiting
• Pink Eye
• Sinusitis
• STDs
• Strep Throat/Sore Throat

You can trust Complete Care Family Medicine to be your medical “home.” We invite you into our office for a consultation to meet Dr. Johnson and her team of caring medical professionals. Nothing can really give you a feel for whether you’ve selected the right doctor like an office visit and a face-to-face meeting. We want you to be comfortable in our office and with our physician and nurses.

At Complete Care Family Medicine, our staff is waiting to assist you with convenient appointments, last minute appointment and easy scheduling. Call us today to discuss your current health issues or to make an appointment with Dr. Johnson.

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